Helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I book a party? Call us at 203-751-7999.

How far in advance do I have to book? We prefer you to contact us two weeks in advance but during busy times, as soon as possible to reserve your date.

Do you require a deposit to save the date? Yes we simply require a $200 deposit to save the date for you.

Is water and soda included? No, but we CAN make drinks available for an additional charge of $2.00 per person.

Can you provide foods other than Pizza, Salad and stuff? Yes, we can provide any other foods or party platters because we own a full restaurant!

What if I need to cancel? You will get a full refund as long as you cancellation is made within a month after booking.

Do you do parties outside of Connecticut? Yes we do parties in any states bordering CT.


How much is it if I have less then 50 people? We have a flat rate for any parties with 50 or less people.

What is your minimum number of people? There is no minimum.

What is your maximum party number? Our truck can accommodate 130 people.


What happens if it rains? Almost always the show goes on. Our trucks are equipped to work through the rain but for the people booking it is good to take precautions such having tent or another back-up plan.

Can you bring pizzas inside? Yes, but they need to be made inside the truck.

If we still haven't answered your question or you are interested in booking us for an event, visit our contact page.