Brick Oven Pizza CT

Brick Oven Pizza CT

The Best Brick Oven Pizza in Connecticut!

Here at Red Diamond Pizza Truck we ensure our quality with a top of the line brick oven pizza right here in CT! We serve customers in the tristate area traditional Italian pizza with only the finest ingredients straight from our brick oven, a convention that will make your next event the talk of the town!

How exactly will our oven make a difference at your upcoming event? Or brick oven pizza is cooked to perfection, evenly heated to ensure that each bite is crispy, warm, and delicious. The unique quality of a the oven, which itself was made in Italy, delivers a smoky and fresh pie that embodies the brick oven pizza CT style that we strive to bring straight to you! Benefits of our oven also include not only pizza with great flavor, but with record speed cooking time to ensure that your guests are continuously fed with a stream of fresh pizza from our premium menu. Pizza types include: Margarita, Veggie, Broccoli Rabe and beans, Primavera, and much more!

The quality of brick oven pizza CT speaks for itself, a commodity that simply cannot be achieved from any other means. You don't have to travel to Italy to get a great pizza for your event, in fact we bring a little slice of Italy straight to you!

Our brick oven pizza CT is great for any event, large or small scale, within the tristate area, prices ranging from a 30-mile radius of or central location at prices incomparable to anyone else.

Let us help serve you today and bring the brick oven to you!

Brick Oven Pizza CT